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Getting to Know the Vice Pina

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From someone who kept moving from DR to the US and had a hard time trying to adjust the different languages as well as cultures, who would’ve thought that Olinier Pina would become the Vice President of YMA? Someone who helps create a better environment for the community as well as those in need.


Tringa : When did you decide to become Vice President?


Olinier : When I worked with Kyrollos (previous President of 2016-2017) I realized how much work he put into the school and how much creativity he did for the school events and I wanted to do that.


Tringa : Did you ever think that you were going to lose the election?


Olinier : No…..because when you doubt yourself you are already lost so I just kept going forward.


Tringa : What changes did you want to make for school?


Olinier : I wanted to make changes like to create a spirit week because everyone likes spirit week and another dance so they can socialize before the regents so they can take off the pressure and they can stop stressing and stay calm.


Tringa : What are most difficult challenges you have faced?


Olinier : The responsibility and the balance of SGO and the school work because if I don’t balance that then I cannot be the Vice President. With school life it’s kind of hard because I’m a sophomore and I have a lot regents to take and with social life I try to support my friends by going to games. Basically it’s mostly about time management.


Tringa : Do you have a planner to plan all of your stuff?
Olinier : The way I plan is, I plan the first half of the day because it’s mostly repetitive and I now which classes I have to do work but when Lunch comes I don’t know what Mr Landrau and Imoares want me to do and I have to give all my time and energy to what we are going to do and then after that everything can be planned.


Tringa : What motivates you to work harder in the SGO?


Olinier : Some of the events that I want to create motivate me because some of the friends that don’t participate can join us and they can be happier and socialize more.


Tringa : Are there any advantages and disadvantages of being VP


Olinier : I don’t see any disadvantages of being a VP because I’m still a student and it’s just another job I have now, being a student and a VP and I still feel the same person. Also the people at the SGO don’t look at me differently for having this “job”.


Tringa : How do you help the president?


Olinier : I’ve known Imoares last year when I first joined SGO and she was really nice and you can see how much passion she has and it made me want to be as passionate as she is. This year when I decided to go for VP I didn’t know who was going to be President but I decided to put all my effort no matter who the president was going to be so when Imoares tells me to do something like create the schedule, I’ll try my hardest to get it done.


Tringa : Would you join SGO in college?


Olinier : If the college has it I would definitely join it because SGO is the best thing that has happened to me in my high school career because it’s not just a group of people working it’s more a family that supports each other and would do anything to help other families or anybody that is lacking behind.


Tringa : Would you run for president next year?


Olinier : YES! YES! I WOULD!!! The reason why I want to run for president next year is 1) the new people that are going to come next year, I want them to feel excited and be more motivated for the school spirit and not hold back their creativity because the more creative they are the better is for the school and its events and 2) I always liked being the person people depended on and I’ve tried to be the best I can be in a lot of areas so when the moment came I could help them succeed.


Tringa : What is something that not everyone knows about you


Olinier : When I was younger I didn’t know how to speak English only Spanish so I had to take ESL and kids would come up to me at recess and used to make fun of me. They would imitate my accent and just make fun of me. When I learned English after a year or 2 some of those kids I started talking to they realized that I was a person and I had my own feelings.


Tringa : What television shows do you like to watch on your free time?


Olinier : Favorite TV show EVER is the Flash, second is Black Lighting which is a new TV show. My favorite movies are horror like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Michael Myers.


Tringa : What music do you like to listen to?


Olinier : Spanish music like Bad Bunny’ Chambea, Ozuna, Ed Sheeran and XXXtentacion whose songs are inappropriate but I like him.


Tringa : What are your favorite food?


Olinier : Lasagna and Cibo.


Tringa : Do you have any talents that you wish you could express?


Olinier : I can be Hyper focused which means that if I’m doing something you can’t break my concentration and I don’t get easily distracted.


Tringa : What do you like to read?


Olinier : I like to read history and horror. The brief wondrous life of Oscar wao is one of my favorite books. The reason why I liked is because it’s because it’s around a Dominican family and since I’m Dominican and I can relate to it. The more I read the more I learned that he is not the type of person to just walk to the girl and ask her out which is a Dominican stereotype. Oscar is a nerdy shy and a bighearted guy and I like it because I see some aspect of Oscar that I see in myself and some of the things that Oscar faces throughout the story I have faced as well and probably will when I get older.

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